Concept Sharing

Concept Sharing Workshop:
Concept Sharing Workshop is an important activity of Citi Center for financial literacy and generally conducted with the key functionaries of the organization. It is usually conducted for two days and covers the major component of financial literacy in a nut shell with approximate of 25 participants. The objective behind such workshops is to introduce the subject to the participants.

The need of an organization is understood best by those who work there. Hence, concept sharing workshop serves as a discussion forum, where participants are expected to understand and gain knowledge about the subject thereby providing necessary suggestions for effective training of field level officials in their organization. Thus, a concept sharing workshop serves as a need assessment platform both for the school as well as the client organization. 

In the year 2010-11 a number of concept sharing workshops were conducted by the School in the different parts of the country with various government and non government organizations like banks, management institutes, NGOs, Government departments, International Development Organizations etc


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