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Training of Trainers on Financial Literacy:
Poor people are confronting the common problem of economic security for themselves, their families, and future contemporaries. The main difference is that they have fewer resources and opportunities. Most live in high-risk and unpredictable environments. In these circumstances managing the little money is vital. Good money management is critical for meeting day-to-day needs, dealing with life cycle events and unexpected emergencies, taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, and planning for the future.
Training is essentially the process of instructing others about the information new to them and its applications. It may, and often does, involve the teaching of new skills, methods and procedures. Training of trainers is a process to bring the change in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude to satisfy the gap between the people. The Training of Trainers segment of “Financial Literacy” provides the information and knowledge based on six Modules which are Fundamentals of Financial Planning, Matured Borrowings, Smart Savings, Intelligent Investment, Wise Spending and Awareness Campaign. The entire course design for each training under financial literacy is covered in duration of five days. The trainees come to know about the following after the five days programme.

•    From these trainings participants understand and assimilate the concept and role of Financial Literacy for the Financial Inclusion particularly of the poor and disadvantaged groups. 

•     Participants are able to know and explain various financial products and services to the ultimate beneficiary to help them take financial decision on informed choices. 

•    Participants are able to bring the positive change in the attitude of dealing with money and financial behavior of the ultimate beneficiaries to save / build capital for a better and secured future. 

•    Participants are able to understand the application forms, formalities required for the opening and operation of the account and grievances redressal mechanism and will gain competence to handhold facilitate the target group to avail / utilize the financial services properly 

•   Participants are able to use training tools and techniques effectively for conducting the awareness campaign, field training and extending handholding support for meaningful Financial Inclusion of the given target group

•     Participants are able to develop rapport with the formal financial institution and other agencies.


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