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The School designs its programs to cater the need for capacity building on two counts – first the need for enhancing the capacity of the institutions through systems strengthening and skill building of its human resources and the other side making the demand side stronger by providing grass root level organizations the required inputs in group formation, strengthening, and facilitating promotion of livelihood interventions. 

The objective is to bridge the gap in knowledge and skills and reach to the capacity building requirements of the microfinance sector. Recognizing the growing role of the community based organizations and their value addition to SHG functioning, the school this year would be focusing on designing programs for the Community Based Organizations.

The strategy adopted is as follows:

  • To strengthen the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) wherein there is strong focus on gender and enhancing the capacity of women on leadership and empowerment.
  • To enhance the capacities of matured community based organizations and SHGs to take up micro enterprises through appropriate skill upgradation.
  • To build the managerial capacities of Community Based Organisations and Microfinance Institutions who concentrate on scale through offering high quality products and services.
  • To concentrate more on the underserved regions:  Identifying the institutions in this area and chalk out capacity building programmes to enhance their capacity.
  • To offer customized programmes to institutions and agencies depending on the demand.


We reach the sector through the following

  • Capacity Building Need Assessment Workshop
  • Trainings
  • Workshops
  • Seminars  and debates
  • Exposure visits
  • Customized Programmes


Capacity Building Need Assessment Workshop: 

The School organizes workshops on ‘Capacity Building – Need Assessment’ to trace out the training needs of the microfinance sector in the underserved regions identified. The outcomes of the workshop are incorporated in the trainings conducted during the year. 


The School for the Microfinance Training interventions focuses on catering to the needs of primarily two types of institutions – community based financial institutions and commercial microfinance institutions. The trainings are designed keeping in mind the trend of the substantial growth of microfinance sector in terms of scale and outreach.


The School offers below listed training programmes

  •  Promotion and Management of Self Help Groups
  • Building Sustainable SHGs
  • Promotion and Management of SHG Federations
  • Microfinance Orientation Program
  • Micro Finance- Principles & Practice
  • Community Based Microfinance
  • Managers in Microfinance Series
                 Financial Management
                 Microfinance Operations
                 Organizational Development & Governance
                 Product & Services
  • Microfinance & Livelihood
  • Micro Enterprise Financing
  • Micro Enterprise Development and Management
  • Small Business Planning
  • Women Leadership Development Program
  • Gender & Microfinance
  • Management Development Program
  • Other Short term Programs:
                 Strategic Business Planning
                 Risk Management
                 Internal Control
                 Management Information Systems
                 Prudential Norms




Often the community based organizations lack the required skills and providing the inputs to successfully run the organization in sustainable manner would help them to move ahead cautiously.  The School organizes workshops to contribute to the growth of sustainable microfinance sector by encouraging the establishment and operation of sustainable community based organizations that focus on best-practice and outreach to the poor, so that poor especially women could break out of poverty.

Seminars & Debates

To address the capacity building requirements of other stakeholders in the sector i.e banking institutions, commercial banks, regional rural banks, co-operative banks, government agencies/departments, donor agencies, academic institutions etc., we organize orientation programs and seminars.  Also organizing such seminar is another means through which we mobilize all these stakeholders under one roof and solicit their views/opinion on vital issues affecting the sector.

Exposure Visit

Exposure Visit as a capacity building intervention is practiced by the School for the purpose of exposing the best practices in microfinance for those segments of target population who would like to make use of it in a better manner.  There are good practices in transformation, livelihood/enterprise promotion, scaling up strategies etc.  Such good practices are traced out and exposure visit to these centers are arranged for the benefit of smaller organizations that would benefit out of the learnings. 

Customized Programmes

There are organizations who would like to make use of the School expertise in getting capacity building services.  Such requests would be accommodated by the School and programmes carved out in consultation with the organizations seeking our assistance.  These services would be mainly of training/workshop nature.


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