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IIMPS was established in October 2006 by leading development and pension sector experts to enable low income informal sector workers to build up savings for retirement in a competitive and well regulated environment. IIMPS delivers pension and insurance products and services to low income workers in collaboration with micro-finance institutions, cooperatives, self-help groups, worker unions, multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, government departments and finance firms.

IIMPS has developed a proprietary Micro Pension® to deliver individual pension and insurance services to the poor and also link its pan-India partnership network. Through this model, IIMPS is building a transparent social security marketplace using its scalable technology platform to enable millions of low income workers with modest savings to access low cost pension and insurance products. IIMPS is also working with some government departments in design and turn-key implementation of co-contributory pension and insurance schemes targeting the poor.

'Micro Pension®' is a trademark of IIMPS and refers to the proprietary model developed by IIMPS for the purposes of channelling retirement savings, short-term savings and insurance premiums of low income individuals to regulated asset management and insurance companies.

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