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SAADHANA is a not for profit organization established under Society reigistration act 1860 and is established by Mr. Ernest Paul in the year 2001 with the specific mandate to catalyze the ‘Endeavor of the Poor for Self-Sufficiency’.

SAADHANA is a social enterprise and the reason for its very existence is to serve a social purpose. SAADHANA’s MF programme originated as a practical response to the deep rooted challenges of urban poverty. To begin with SAADHANA missioned itself to bring difference in the lives of urban and semi-urban poor women by expanding the access to financial services. Within nine years, with uncompromising quality standards and solid systems SAADHANA emerged as a thriving example in MF sector. SAADHANA has reached out to more than 1, 20,000 poor and marginalized families by disbursing more than 435 crores and more than 180,000 lives with Insurance service.  3863 families are benefited by claim amount of Rs10.9 crores.

As a process driven and stringent quality oriented organization, SAADHANA has come a long way in the pursuit of excellence and has acquired a number of accolades and achievements over the years.

The US Business Magazine FORBES in its first ever list of World's Top 50 Microfinance Institutions has conferred SAADHANA 15th rank and 3rd among the seven Indian micro credit providers in the list. SAADHANA was also conferred Micro Finance Process Excellence Award for the year 2005, Special Mention Awardee in MPEA for 2006 and Micro Insurance Award for the year 2007, Micro Finance Process Excellence Award for the year 2008.

SAADHANA, which is being illustrated for best practices imbibed a core value “Open to learn and share” as a prized virtue and organized Exposures to more than 72 organizations/institutions across the globe.  Also, customized training to 14 MFIs has been provided and three such MFIs got Micro Process Excellence Awards in 2008.

In order to strike a balance in the financial and social aspects SAADHANA has initiated innovative services to fulfill the commitment and the responsibility of the organization. Services like free health care, education and livelihood support to name a few.

SAADHANA is committed to foster an enhanced quality of life of clientele by reaching the unreached millions through multiple services and shoulders the onus of ‘working towards wellness’.

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