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CYSD (Centre for Youth and Social Development) is a 28 year-old non-government, non-profit organization, established in 1982 that works for the development of deprived and marginalised people in the remotest areas of Orissa. With a vision of facilitating a society where communities are able to make their own choices, meet their survival needs and lead a self-reliant and sustainable life with dignity, CYSD aims to reach out as an enabling institution to improve quality of life of deprived communities.

Since 1985 the organisation has worked in partnership with communities. It has come up with work centres on women’s self-help saving groups; introduced sustainable agricultural practices; increased people’s participation in local self-governance; improved enrolment, retention and the quality of teaching in primary schools. As an organisation, it focuses on Primary Education, Sustainable Livelihood and Participatory Governance. It also addresses issues such as disaster management, health and sanitation, child rights, and HIV/AIDS prevention, while focusing on women and children in particular.

With a uniquely holistic approach of working directly with communities to improve quality of life, CYSD has conducted extensive research studies into a variety of issues concerning poor and tribal people in Orissa, and published the same to influence the public and policy makers to initiate change.


CYSD began its disaster response programme in 1999 when the super cyclone devastated the coastal districts of Orissa. Since then CYSD has been closely involved in relief and rehabilitation work during the floods in Orissa in 2001, 2003 and 2006, and in Tamil Nadu following the Tsunami.

CYSD is an active member of VANI (Voluntary Action Network India) and the Credibility Alliance, with a view to enhance good governance in the voluntary sector.               

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