Self-help Promotion for Health & Rural Development, Tamilnadu (SHEPHERD)

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SHEPHERD is a Non Profit Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) committed to the cause of the vulnerable, the powerless and the voiceless .It works with people Irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or language.


" to from a just and equalitarian society through the process of social and economic empowerment of the marginalized and underprivileged, based on values of co-operation, partnership, mutual concern and universal brother hood "


"----to reduce socio-economic disparities among people and to facilitate processes, wherein they have greater control over their lives and environment".


SHEPHERD was founded by a group of concerned and committee Individuals along with Mrs.Hana Ten Boom, a Dutch Volunteer and Mr.M.Paramasamy, to bring about a qualitative and qualitative change in the life of rural masses in Madurai District, South-India .It made a humble beginning by working among the rural masses in various Poverty Alleviation Programmes for women with the help of Government Agencies and well wishers from India and Abroad.

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