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he 1975 International Women’s Conference in Mexico City which brought together like-minded women leaders from across the world culminated into formation of Women’s World Banking (WWB) in 1980. The WWB was created to address the hitherto unmet needs of economically active but poor women’s access to financial services thereby enabling them to engage in productive economic activities. In 1982 Friends of Women’s World Banking, India (FWWB-I) was created as one of the first few affiliates of Women’s World Banking. 

For the first seven years of its operations from 1982 to 1989 FWWB’s activities were limited to providing loan guarantees for poor women in the state of Gujarat. Around this time, the initial efforts started of in 1970s to provide financial access to poor women especially those in unorganized sector were transformed into the women focused and savings-led Micro Finance Movement. During this decade different delivery models of financial services-Self Help Groups, Co-operatives (including Banks) were established and they clearly showed that poor women were bankable. Therefore in 1989, FWWB India’s bye-laws were modified to enable it to become a National private apex institution to extend and expand informal credit supports and networks within India to link them to a global movement. 

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